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March, April, May 2017

Father Joseph Gleason          

"When My Baba Died and When My Yiayia Died are welcome resources for Orthodox caregivers facing the difficult task of tenderly guiding their children through the mourning process.

The author, Marjorie Kunch, writes gently and straightforwardly about what to expect at an Orthodox funeral service and the array of emotions attached to grief. Kids and adults alike will greatly benefit from these unique tools for teaching Orthodox of all ages about the Church's hope-filled response to death and eternity."

-Molly Sabourin, author of Close to Home: One Orthodox Mother's Quest for Patience, Peace and Perseverance.

My beloved friend, Father Joseph Gleason, has recently moved along with his wife and eight beautiful children from his small town in Illinois to Rostov, north of Moscow to help re-establish one of the original Russian Orthodox agricultural communities. Here, he started having some pain, and sought treatment at a hospital in Moscow, where a tumor was removed. 

Blood tests revealed that Fr. Joseph has cancer, specifically, that the cancer is intravascular, which means that the cancer cells can easily break off and affect other areas. Doctors are recommending 4-6 rounds of chemotherapy over three months. This type of cancer has a 98% cure rate with chemotherapy, and the prognosis is very hopeful with treatment. 

As the Gleasons have just relocated to Russia in January, they are unable to use the Russian healthcare system to pay for treatment, so they must cover all medical expenses out of pocket. While healthcare in Russia costs substantially less than it does in the United States, this is still no small hurdle. 

Therefore, we are asking that you prayerfully consider donating to help them cover the expense of medical care for this husband, father, priest, friend, counselor, brother, and mentor.  

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