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The Story of When My Baba Died

Did you know that even funeral directors have a difficult time explaining death to their children when a family member has fallen asleep in the Lord? My grandmother passed in 2015 and when it came time to discuss this with my then-preschoolers, clouded by my own grief, the words would not form. I knew from experience that nothing was as dangerous as the rampant imagination of a four year old when confronted with an entirely new situation. So I searched for the comfort of a picture book to better explain what the next few days would bring. Surprisingly, I found that an Orthodox perspective reinforcing the Church's teachings about death and what to expect as we move through the rituals to honor our deceased did not yet exist! At that moment our first book When My Baba Died was born and later, by customer request, an edition discussing Greek Orthodox customs came about-When My Yiayia Died. I did this by creating a "pretend" funeral with an empty casket, a talented photographer, patient friends, and a kind priest.

These warm, accessible, faith-based books minister to a child's specific needs when faced with their first experience of an Orthodox funeral no matter if they are of the Slavic or Greek tradition.  I will help parents guide their family during this difficult time by illustrating the progression from the visitation, to the funeral ceremony in church, to the cemetery graveside service. I also answer the most common questions children asked of me during my twelve years serving as a funeral director, define newly encountered words,  and address the emotions they may be feeling as they begin their journey of grief. This is accomplished with the use of simple text, accurate terminology, and beautiful photography digitally edited to create tasteful illustrations of all phases of the ceremony. It is my humble prayer these books brings the reader closer to our Risen God and the comfort of the Orthodox Faith.

"When My Baba Died and When My Yiayia Died introduces children to the contemporary practice of funeral preparation and burial, within the liturgical rites of the Orthodox Church. They are written in a simple, inviting way, and children will be greatly helped to understand what is happening at an otherwise distressing and confusing time. The illustrations are lovely."

-Frederica Mathewes-Green, Orthodox speaker and author of 10 books, including Welcome to the Orthodox Church and Facing East: A Pilgrim's Journey into the Mysteries of Orthodoxy

Marjorie Kunch is a mother, mortician, and Orthodox Christian who traded the snowy Midwest for the sunny Southwest. Marjorie and her husband converted to Orthodoxy on Holy Saturday 2005. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Worsham College of Mortuary Science and currently serves her community as a Certified Funeral Celebrant. When not writing, she is homeschooling, baking, or fangirling.

Diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in March 2017, she asks your patience and prayers during this trying time. Retail orders can be placed through many online sources linked in our catalog page. Bookstores please set up a FREE ipage account through Ingram to receive stock. Call Ingram at 800-937-0152 or visit

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